What is EstateCraft?

We are a resource that provides the tools so that you can plan your estate. If you die without a valid will, the courts will distribute your property in accordance with your state’s laws. Without a will, or another type of properly executed guardian appointment document, the state will also be responsible for appointing a guardian for your minor children.

Why Did We Create EstateCraft?

All of us prepare for Life events. We buy auto insurance, hoping we never have an accident.
We keep fire extinguishers in our homes, hoping we never have to use them. We plan for health care, college expenses, weddings. We have investments, IRA’s and life insurance. Yet, the single event that ties all of humanity together is the one thing we tend to avoid.
The one event that will impact your family more than any other is their loss of you. EstateCraft was created to provide knowledge, tools and direction for all things related to your estate and so that your family never has to worry.