The Three Parts of a Well-Planned Estate

Inventory Your Assets

Your estate is composed of all the assets that you own (bank, brokerage and retirement accounts, real estate, life insurance proceeds, business interests, cash and other personal belongings, etc.).

Choose Heirs and Guardians

Legally documenting who your beneficiaries are and what assets they will receive after you pass, and assigning guardians for your minor children and/or dependent adult children

Provide a Way to Transfer Each Asset

Thoughtfully figure out the most efficient way to pass your assets quickly and inexpensively to your beneficiaries without causing unexpected probate or creditor snags.

Things You Can Do Right Now

There’s a variety of actions you can take right now that don’t cost anything and can help smooth the transition of some kinds of assets if the worst should come to pass.

Life Situation

Your stage of life and the shape of your family make differences in how the estate gets designed and executed.